Who had the most Reliable Live Stream for the Mayweather vs McGregor PPV Fight

Did you Miss The Big FIGHT?

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Who Won the Pay-Per-View  Mayweather vs McGregor Streaming WAR??


On The Biggest Fight night,  Pay-Per-View  streams died left and right.   Purchaser of UFC streams collapsed only after 3000 users

For me:
The winner of the night of the paid  IPTV service that had streamed the Mayweather vs  McGregor Huge Pay-Per-View Fight?????

GearsTV  – is the Winner!!

GearsTV  $15 month – did great   Great!!  Played Main-Event and UnderCards no problem.
Played excellent thru the whole FIGHT
Sometime had to flip between PPV streams if stream Froze for a moment.
Only minus (-)APK did not work.


For Live Sports  NFL, NBA, NHL, Boxing / UFC, this App wins hands down.


SetTv $20 month – stream stopped before main-event.   
Used in apk. Fight Froze for a most of the UnderCard and Main Event.
contacted support they promptly responded.  Which is good.
Other channels not PPV still worked
Fight did not unfreeze and stream continued till last round


NitroTV $20 month  – only streamed the last round
Used in apk. Played most of the under card.
Failed on last under card. The whole App shut down there after!!!
At one point the whole app was down, All channels did not comeback on till last round of Fight


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Android App Movies & TV Shows, Cable TV, and PPV