Far Infrared and energy that radiant from GemStones Quartz

Far Infrared and energy that radiant from GemStones


This video experiment is an excellent illustration of energy that GemStones Quartz give off.

Far Infrared and energy that radiant from GemStones

based on the scientific test Laser Effects on Skin Melanin
by Khalid M. Omar

He Enlightens us that the gemstone emit far-infrared

Your Skin, the epidermis layer strongly absorbs far-infrared radiation

Snippet from article.

The color or amount of pigmentation in the skin is very important in determining the amount of damage that will be produced by a given laser pulse. The output characteristics of the laser, particularly the wavelength are also important. The reactions of the skin to laser radiation vary depending on the exact circumstances and the type of skin that is impossible to specify reactions of the skin exactly. Furthermore, the transmission of radiation through skin varies with the thickness of the different layers of the epidermis and therefore with location on the body. The loss of transmission is due to scattering by the optically discontinuous surfaces in the epidermis, reflection from the surface and the various pigments of the skin and absorption by protein, nucleic acids, carotenoid and hemoglobin pigments. Melanin granules contribute to the absorption and scattering of visible and infra red radiation as well as absorption by ultraviolet radiation. The outermost layer of the epidermis, strongly absorbs far-infrared radiation