The Valued Health Benefits of Lemon Water or just Lemon

The Value Health Benefits of Lemon Water or just Lemon


With everything, please do in moderation

1. Better Hydration

By flavoring the water, you’re able to get a lot more water into your body. Some people abhor the taste of water – and that’s an interesting fact on its own. Pure water should be tasteless, but many municipal water supplies taste or smell like chlorine or other chemicals. In some places where fracking is taking place, methane and other chemicals produce a foul smell to the water. (How horrible is that?) The water even lights up on fire when a match is placed near it!

The point is that if you don’t like pure water’s flavor, you are tasting the toxins from your own body. The water is pulling out some toxins from your oral tissues as you drink it.

Your body is 70% or more water, and hydration can successfully lower the amount of body aches and pains you have. Water is essential for every function in your body and optimal health is impossible if you do everything right but still don’t consume enough water.

2. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps keep your immunity high so you don’t succumb to infections. Drinking lemon water helps keep your Vitamin C levels consistently high, which is an excellent way to keep your immune system in good shape. When your Vitamin C intake is inconsistent, it doesn’t do as much good for your immunity.

3. Lemon changes the pH of your body

Lemon water helps restore the alkalinity of the body. You want to be more alkaline instead of more acidic. Being acidic means you’ll feel more joint aches and pains as well as other pains in the body. Being alkaline means you’ll be pain-free more often.

4. Lemon water resets your thirst mechanism

When you drink lemon water in the morning, you are hydrating yourself after a night of no water. By drinking three glasses of lemon water in the morning, you can reset your thirst mechanism for the entire day. You won’t have to drink so much water the rest of the day; only when thirsty.

5. Lemon water helps the colon

The three glasses of water you drink in the morning hydrate the colon, so regular bowel movements become standard. That’s always good because someone who is constipated is irritable and can be mean! Someone who is not constipated is friendlier and more pleasant to be around.