Reasons to Personalize your  Aries Birthstone   Bracelet

  • Aries The third chakra
    Solar Plexus Chakra is the prime power center of the Aries born, as both are under the rule of planet Mars. It is located above one’s navel and is linked closely to intuition and gut feelings. So if you feel it in your gut, know that’s hinting at your pursuit of power.
  • The chakra for Aries is in the solar plexus, located in the upper abdomen. Of course, the associated colors for the sign are fiery ones: yellow, orange, and red, and as you’d expect, favored crystals are also in that color range. Citrine and red jasper are two terrific crystals for Aries.
  • Fire is the ruling element of Aries, and it is precisely this fire that will play a key role when it comes to knowing which is your main Chakra. The ram cannot conceive life without passion and freedom so its energetic spirit fits perfectly with one of the energy points that exist in our body: the Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Osiris is the God of death and eternal life, he symbolizes rebirth after death and resurrection. Those born with the Osiris sign often stand out for their intelligence and enterprising nature. Osiris people are natural born leaders and love taking on responsibilities in the work environment.

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