Crystal Talk Show (3)

Crystal Talk Show (3)

News updates included a reminder that we have an online Meditation next week, and we’ve been alternating Tuesdays between that, and this Talk Show. Kyle’s also dropped his Crystal Consultations 50%, down to $20 for 20 minutes, scheduled for 5/14 (or any other time of mutual convenience).

First big Show & Tell was of Merlinite, Larvikite, Amphibolite and Granite, which are all related, but different energetically.

The invocation, or Meditation, introduced us to the Subsconsious, using Shattuckite and dark blue Apatite.

Next Show & Tell was our Quality Custom Pendants, and Kyle showed how he sends off stones in ziploc bags marked Silver (or Gold) and also showing how the stone should be oriented.

Kyle mentioned that this week’s upcoming Podcast and Blog release will be about what makes up a Crystal Healing Meditation.

Additional stones shown were brighter red and darker large Ruby crystals; a green ‘DNA’ Heulandite; and Kyle’s Prehnite pendant.

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