Easy Vegan Fried “Egg” Sandwiches // AKA VEGAN EGG BANJOS | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Easy Vegan Fried

This VEGAN fried “egg” sandwich recipe is just as delicious and EASY to make as a regular fried egg sandwich. When a viewer requested a vegan “egg banjo,” I realized I didn’t have a vegan fried egg sandwich on the channel yet. So I thought I’d better give you one.

From Wikipedia, this “popular filling snack with British troops since at least World War I, the “egg banjo” is a sandwich of a runny fried egg between two thick slices of bread[6] (if possible, buttered or with margarine), often accompanied by a mug of “gunfire”. A popular account of the term’s origins is the act of cleaning spilt egg off one’s body, the sandwich held out to the side with one hand whilst the other wipes at the drips, giving the impression of playing an invisible banjo.”

This version of vegan egg banjos (or fried egg sandwiches) uses tofu in place of the egg whites, a quick mixture of spices, black salt (kala namak) and vegan mayo in place of the yolk but keeps everything else pretty much the same. It’s such a simple and delicious vegan breakfast sandwich, I hope you’ll try it out. Please let me know if you do and what extra things you’d slip into your own vegan egg banjo!

BTW, the aroma of black salt (kala namak) is really strong so a little goes a long way. That said, don’t add it until the end because signature sulfur-y scent is reduced if you heat it.

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Easy Vegan Fried Egg Sandwich (printable recipe & blog post): http://www.marystestkitchen.com/vegan-fried-egg-sandwich-recipe/

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