From 14 Blown Accounts To $100K FTMO Funded Trader

From 14 Blown Accounts To $100K FTMO Funded Trader

From 14 Blown Accounts To $100K FTMO Trader

In this video, Jeremy breaks down exactly how he went from 14 blown accounts to passing the FTMO challenge & becoming a FTMO funded trader.

You’ll also discover:

– How to pass FTMO challenge
– The key to mastering forex trading
– An honest FTMO review
– Can you actually process a FTMO withdrawal
– An epic FTMO testimonial
– FTMO funded account

0:00 Intro & Overview
2:50 Jeremy’s Story
6:38 The Pain Of 14 Blown Accounts
9:50 Finding Blue Edge
11:15 $26K Learning Lessons
12:55 The Book That Changed Everything
16:08 Passing The FTMO Challenge
19:45 Jeremy’s Strategy
28:45 Take Profit & Stop Loss
32:00 Leave The Trade Alone!!

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