How to Run Kubernetes CI/CD Pipelines at Scale

In a recent survey of 500 attendees at Kubecon, Barcelona responses discovered CI/CD automation as the #one use circumstance for deploying Kubernetes. DevOps teams productiveness and success count on their ability to automate, run, and regulate CI/CD pipelines at scale. Nevertheless, provisioning and managing lots of of the CI/CD components and the fundamental Kubernetes clusters stays a mostly manual procedure slowing down the team’s capability to provide application quicker. Additionally, due to the absence of capabilities and operational complexity, controlling the working day 2 functions and lifecycle administration of the conclusion-to-end stack continues to be a overwhelming problem.

Be part of Kamesh Pemmaraju, Head of Solution Advertising and marketing at Platform9, Eric Bannon, Senior Solution Manager at Platform9, and  Mark Galpin, Senior Item Supervisor at JFrog to hear about how DevOps teams can 

Configure, deploy, and operate Kubenetes with out the soreness of managing it on any  infrastructure of decision working with the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service 
Produce apps stop-to-conclusion making use of JFrog Pipelines for CI/CD automation, JFrog Artifactory for securely handling Docker images and other artifacts, and JFrog Xray for safety and impression scanning.
Carry out blue-green or canary output deployments
Deploy and configure Platform9 Managed Prometheus to check application efficiency as you roll out new capabilities on a continuous basis.

We will have a stay demo to present the over abilities employing a sample finish-to-stop software deployment.