Hulu finally catches up with Netflix and Amazon, offers video downloads

Closeup photo smart phone with Hulu app.

Enlarge / The downloadable content page in the iOS Hulu app. (credit: Hulu)

For the first time, Hulu will allow users to download episodes for offline viewing. The feature is available today for iOS users who have subscribed to Hulu’s ad-free on-demand tier.

Users will be able to download as many as 25 videos on up to five unique devices. Unwatched downloads will remain available offline for 30 days. If users begin watching a video, it will only remain available for two days. But in either case, users will be able to renew the license by going online again, provided the episode or film has not left Hulu since they first downloaded it.

Hulu rivals Netflix and Amazon have long offered this feature, with similar terms for download limits and license renewals. Hulu may have faced a more difficult time rolling it out, not because of technical limitations or lack of will but because of the complexities surrounding content that is currently airing on broadcast networks, which is Hulu’s primary focus. By contrast, most non-original Netflix and Amazon content is backlog content.

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