I Lost $100,000+ in LUNA / UST… Here’s My Plan To Make It All Back

I Lost $100,000+ in LUNA / UST… Here’s My Plan To Make It All Back

I Lost $100,000+ in LUNA / UST… Here’s My Plan To Make It All Back

Recently LUNA & UST crashed. This was truly a black swan event and some of the smartest minds in crypto lost fortunes.

I personally lost over $100,000 between LUNA & UST.

Here are a few things that I learned from this experience, & my luna recovery plan.


0:00 Overview
0:55 Investment thesis
1:32 Nothing too big to fail
2:18 20% allocation rule
3:02 Using twitter properly
4:04 The power of counterarguments
5:46 Understanding emotional market cycles
9:22 Revenge trading
10:05 BTC & ETH
10:57 DCA
11:23 GLP
12:28 Adoption curve

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