Infrastructure as a code simplified by conventions – Jakub Kubrynski

Infrastructure, specially in a cloud-dependent natural environment is complex, dynamic and is composed of quite a few exceptional components. If you get a rapid appear underneath the hood of any cloud-primarily based infrastructure project, you will locate that numerous of elements included are tightly intertwined main to increased upkeep costs and a chaotic ecosystem.

Thankfully, employing infrastructure as code goes a long way to resolving these problems but if regular criteria are not enforced, you may perhaps be left with the similar type of mess you have been making an attempt to keep away from in the to start with area.

In this presentation, I will display how easily you can outline your entire infrastructure stack, together with all of the myriad relationships involving elements and the expectations that govern them, in a straightforward Groovy DSL working with the InfraDSL venture as an illustration. Utilizing this technique will make controlling your devices straightforward to do and scalable.