Reasons to Personalize your  Leo Birthstone   Bracelet

  • Leo Seventh Chakra:
    The royal Leo born is associated with the seventh chakra known as the Crown Chakra. Ruled by the invincible power of the sun, the space above your head is the most powerful chakra of your body that helps you understand, ideate and implement solutions efficiently and easily.
  • Leo the leader - you’ve got the crown chakra, which isn’t a big surprise. Your colors and crystals are royal through and through, with gold, red, and purple as the best three colors for you. Carnelian, citrine, orange calcite, garnet, and pyrite (a.k.a. fool’s gold) are all appropriate crystals for you. Even tiger's eye. The Astrological sign of LEO is associated with the CROWN CHAKRA. The Ruling Planet of Leo is the SUN (considered a planetary body in Astrology); The Element of Cancer is FIRE Leo is also sometimes associated with the BROW Chakra, and/or the SOLAR Chakra.
  • The intensity of the zodiac king will determine to a large extent what the dominant Chakra will be for Leos. The torrential force that keeps the lion connected with the deepest part of its being gives more than obvious clues of what kind of energy catalyst it will need. Leos will struggle to balance their big egos and the titanic need to shine like any Fire sign. Without further ado, you should know that your main Chakra is the Manipura, also called the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Anubis is known as the guardian of the underworld, the God of death and the afterlife. Anubis’ role consists of finding lost souls and examining their hearts, if the heart is pure, the soul is allowed to pass through. Anubis people are very passionate and creative, yet they work best when they are alone. Their personalities are introverted, but nevertheless authoritative, they are no pushovers and take everything in their stride; nothing is too complicated for them.

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