Reasons to Personalize your  Libra Birthstone   Bracelet

  • Libra Fourth Chakra:
    Libra is at the mercy of the planet Venus and the fourth chakra of heart which enables him/her to build strong relationships and bonds or love one’s partner with immense unconditional affection. This helps you to be engaged in creative projects.
  • Community-minded Libra and the heart chakra go hand in hand, as do the colors pink and light blue. Rose quartz and celestite are a terrific combination of crystals; buy and use them together if you can. The Astrological sign of LIBRA is associated with the HEART CHAKRA
    The Ruling Planet of Libra is VENUS; The Element of Libra is AIR
  • Libra's love of peace will be a fundamental piece when choosing which is the dominant Chakra. Libra is a particularly romantic and civilized being, configuring themselves asa genuinely exceptional source of goodness in our world. Therefore, and quite predictably so, the dominant Chakra for Libras is Anahata, which is located in the center of the chest and it's also called the Heart Chakra.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Geb is the God of the Earth and played a hand in the examining of hearts of the deceased, in order to determine the kind of afterlife they would have. As tradition goes, Geb’s laughter would cause earthquakes. Geb people are reliable, honest and caring souls, especially towards their family and friends, yet they can also be sensitive and shy around people they don’t know very well.

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