Reasons to Personalize your  Sagittarius Birthstone   Bracelet

  • Sagittarius born is ruled by the second chakra, your sacral chakra which is right at the naval and under the mercy of Jupiter. The unbound optimism that fills your life and the expanse you can cover to fulfill your projects is dominated by this chakra. Sexual arousal and pregnancy outline this chakra.
  • Fire sign Sagittarius goes with the sacral chakra in the lower abdomen. Fiery red and purple are perfect for archers; look to red goldstone as a fantastic choice when searching for color-appropriate crystals and stones.
  • The Astrological sign of SAGITTARIUS is associated with the SACRAL CHAKRA. The Ruling Planet of Sagittarius is JUPITER; The Element of Sagittarius is FIRE Sagittarius is an overly impetuous and passionate being in absolutely every aspect of their life. This means that, when it comes to identifying the main Chakra, the guidelines are very well defined, especially considering that these Fire signs are guided by impulses.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Hapi is the ancient God of the Nile and is responsible for fertilizing the land. The title Hapi comes from the former name for the Nile River. Hapi features in the form of a man, however, he is characterized by women’s breasts and a large, well fed stomach; characteristics which represent fertility. Hapi people are generally gentle and caring characters.

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