Reasons to Personalize your  Scorpio Birthstone   Bracelet

  • SCORPIO: Third Eye Chakra
    A Scorpio is ruled by the third chakra solar plexus chakra which is situated right above the navel and this is where you derive your lust for power and ability from. Ruled by Mars, the extent of the sexual impulse is naturally high.
    Scorpio is another sign associated with the solar plexus chakra (surprisingly, not the root chakra), and red is a good color for the sign of transformation. Intense scorpions should look to Red jasper as a suitable stone.
  • A word of warning, here , as we are facing one of the most spiritual signs. Scorpio is an especially complex being, and among all its characteristics there is a certain admiration for mysticism and everything that is supernatural. One of the main features of their personality is their excellent imagination and intuition, and that is why Ajna is Scorpio's dominant Chakra, the one that governs and manages their energetic side.
  • The Astrological sign of SCORPIO is associated with the SOLAR CHAKRA. (sometimes Sacral)
    The Ruling Planet of Scorpio is PLUTO; The Element of Scorpio is WATER. Scorpio is sometimes associated with the Sacral Chakra, due to Scorpio's connection the Reproductive Organs and Sexuality, along with it being of the Water Element, all associated with the Sacral Chakra.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    The word Mut means mother of the world, which is perfectly suitable given that Mut is the Goddess responsible for protecting mankind, if Mut is your Egyptian zodiac sign, you’ll likely be a very focused and goal orientated person, you know what you want and how you plan on getting it. Mut people are often sensitive and reserved, but they become more self-confident with time, they are also very generous, patient and charming.

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