Shelter-At-Home | Using up freezer foods |GOAN POMFRET FISH CURRY | Show Me The Curry

Shelter-At-Home | Using up freezer foods |GOAN POMFRET FISH CURRY | Show Me The Curry

During the shelter-at-home order and in our quest to use up frozen food in our freezer before we buy more, we found some Pomfret fish. Hearing about the passing of celebrity chef Floyd Cardoz due to Covid-19 was truly a shock. As he was known for his expertise on Goan cuisine, we decided to make our own version of the classic Goan pomfret fish curry. Cardoz was a James Beard Award recipient for best chef and introduced Indian cuisine to the fine dining scene of New York with his restaurants, Tabla and Bombay Bread Bar. Rest in peace, Chef…you will be missed.

Pomfret, also known as Paplet Hooman or Pompano, is a popular choice of fish for Goan cuisine. With very little marination time as well as cooking time required, this aromatic coconut based Pomfret fish curry recipe is a must try. Serve it with hot rice or roti. In case you can’t get a hold of pomfret, try these substitutes: sea bass, red snapper, flounder, small grouper, tilapia, cod, haddock, or any white flesh fish.

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