Reasons to Personalize your  Taurus Birthstone   Bracelet

  • TAURUS Fourth Chakra:
    For a Taurus, the fourth chakra heart chakra is the most effective, as the bull and heart are both at the mercy of Venus. Your ability to sympathize with fellow beings can not only help you build strong bonds of love and compassion but also lead to various financial gains. The love for luxury shared by a Taurus born is often centered on the heart chakra.
  • Taurus’ chakra is the heart, and the sign’s best colors are pink (representing gentle emotions and love) and green (representing health and growth). Corresponding crystals include the classic rose quartz, which is excellent for “matters of the heart,” and green aventurine. Rhodonite, an opaque, dark pink stone, is also a lovely choice.
    The Ruling planet of Taurus is VENUS; The Element of Taurus is EARTH
  • Taurus is one of the fundamental signs of the zodiac, and this feature will not go unnoticed when it comes to defining which is your dominant Chakra. After all, we are facing the king of everything conservative, because the bull is usually extremely inflexible and unlikely to change. The importance of these characteristics is so great that Taurus' adoration for pleasure and sex are subjugated and have almost no relevance in this matter.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Amun-Ra is the creator of the universe and of mankind and is considered the king of the Gods. People born under this sign are strong, tough and hardworking, they also make great leaders because they are good listeners and are generally popular amongst their peers. Although, they tend to get angry quickly when faced with frustrating situations.

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