Reasons to Personalize your  Virgo Birthstone   Bracelet

  • Virgo Fifth Chakra:
    The Virgo born is ruled by the fifth chakra called the throat chakra. A Virgo born naturally feels better when his throat is in a first-rate condition. Be ready to deliver facts precisely or engage in public speaking, because that’s where your power lies.
  • Detailed Virgo is associated with the throat chakra. Navy or dark blue, and occasionally black and brown, are good colors for the sign of the virgin. Corresponding crystals include the dark blue dumortierite and the brownish/reddish mookaite jasper. The Astrological sign of VIRGO is associated with the THROAT CHAKRA. The Ruling Planet of Virgo is the MERCURY The Element of Cancer is EARTH
  • Discovering the main Chakra for Virgos can be a somewhat confusing task because their modesty and introversion tend to give off an aura of cluelessness. This makes identifying their Chakra a difficult guessing game. Few people would say that Vissudha, the Throat Chakra, would be configured as the Virgo's dominant energy point, but the truth is that this Earth sign is extremely intelligent and fun, and possesses great doses of kindness.
  • Egyptian zodiac corresponding Western zodiac signs
    Thoth is the God of the afterlife, wisdom and knowledge. Typically, those with this particular sign are great at solving problems, organizing things and often have a real knack for writing, because Thoth invented writing and scribe. Thoth people like to take control and lead groups of people, they are generally loveable and respectful characters. On the other hand, Thoth astrology people can at times be impatient to finish tasks.

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