Therapeutic Gemstone bracelets and
Therapeutic stones are specially highly effective when made use of in conjunction with the body’s electrical power centers, the chakras.

There are seven main chakras in the human body vibrating at 7 unique frequencies, just about every sharing information and facts with the others.
1. Root Chakra
2. Sacral Chakra
3. Solar Plexus Chakra
4. Heart Chakra
5. Throat Chakra
6. 3rd Eye Chakra
7. Crown Chakra

Root Chakra lies in between the rectum and the genital region. It absorbs energy from the earth and influences the overall body hard tissues, bones spinal column enamel and nails. It also influences intestines and prostate as well as mobile development.

Electricity OF THE 1ST CHAKRA
A disturbance in the to start with chakra potential customers to habit, uncontrolled or diminished sexuality, digestive problems and weight problems. If energy flows efficiently as a result of this chakra, you will a deep link with mother nature.

Garnet, Hematite, Pink Jasper, Coral, Onyx, Rhodonite, Ruby and Black Tourmaline.

Pink, In all cultures pink is the colour of lifetime, warmth and vitality. Pink stimulates the life pressure.

Sacral Chakra lies higher than the pubic bone and opens front ward. This governs and facilities the liquid things in the physique, blood lymph, sweat, digestive juices, urine and tears.

Electrical power OF THE 2ND CHAKRA
A disturbance in the 2nd chakra results in sexual troubles. Daily life might seem to reduce it’s that means, when the balance of electricity is restored, a single gets to be a lot more open up and is in a position to love everyday living.

STONES Advised- Orange Beryl, Orange jasper, Carnelian and Citrine.

Coloration Orange is a symbolic colour of the sacral chakra. It’s heat and good. Shade of nourishment and circulation.

Photo voltaic plexus lies above the navel the chakra governs the stomach liver spleen and gall Bladder, the digestive method and the autonomic nervous procedure.

Strength OF THE 3rd CHAKRA
When the energy flows uninterruptedly through the 3rd chakra, one particular feels a deep feeling of interior peace. Blockages will generate discontent, restlessness and discouragement.

STONES FOR THE CHAKRA Tiger’s eye, Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, and Citrine.

Color Yellow, Which stands for intelligence.

Heart Chakra lies in the middle of the upper body and opens frontward. It governs the coronary heart and circulatory program. It also influences the operating of the thymus gland and the immune method.

The a single whose heart chakra has been opened radiates pleasure and friendliness. He will be considerate of other people and have a extremely developed perception of empathy.

STONES FOR THE CHAKRA for the chakra Stones encouraged for treating the coronary heart Chakra are green and pink. In Inexperienced- we have Aventurine, Chryscolla, Jade, Moss Agate, Inexperienced Tourmaline. In Pink we have Coral, Rodhonite, and Rose Quartz.

Coloration for the chakra is green. The calming vibrations of the environmentally friendly spectrum are the best therapeutic agents for the nervous procedure.

fifth CHAKRA
Throat Chakra lies most effective at the base of the throat. It opens down and to the front. Delivers energy to the thyroid gland. It governs hunger and thirst, ear, nose, eyes and throat. The bronchial passage and the lungs, esophagus ,vocal cords and speech.

Vitality OF THE 5th CHAKRA
When vitality flows freely by means of the throat chakra 1 will be open up to new experiences. These folks will be able to categorical them selves and stand up for their beliefs.

Aquamarine,Chalcedony,Celestine, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Turquoise, and Blue Topaz.

Color for the Chakra- Blue, The vibratory impact of the shade Blue is Cooling and innocence.

sixth CHAKRA
Brow Chakra or the third eye, lies earlier mentioned the top of nose. Linked to the eyes, nose, encounter and senses, as effectively as all those additional intangible avenues of notion, together with perception and instinct.

Electricity OF THE Brow CHAKRA
When strength flows as a result of the forehead chakra one’s understanding gets wide & deep. These an individual sees the globe and himself obviously. He can depend on his very own intuitive and sixth perception.

STONES FOR THE CHAKRA Encouraged Amethyst, Sodalite, Sapphire,Rock crystal, and fluorite.

Coloration for the Chakra Indigo the color of mysteries and mysticism it banishes illness, and evil from one’s Awareness and will allow for psychological flexibility.

CELESTAIL Electrical power enters the overall body via the crown chakra. It is the stepping off position for the infinite. It governs one’s interior progress.

Vitality OF THE CHAKRA leads to enlightenment.

STONES FOR THE CHAKRA advisable for treating the 7th Chakra are Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Diamonds, and Violet Fluorite.

Colours FOR THE CHAKRA Violet the colour has the maximum vibratory frequency, White pure intelligence and Gold the light-weight of the existence drive.

Realize THE MOST Crucial STONES THAT VIBRATE WITH YOUR Identity AND Mature IN ABUNDANCE WITH Health Wealth AND Contentment.

God Bless!
Dolly Manghat